Tuesday, June 3, 2008

'Walking with God' By John Eldredge - My Suggestion!

I was not fascinated initially with the 'Google Ads' section I had put in my blog. I used it to the level of tracing how many visisted my blog on day-to-day basis and nothing more than that.

For my blog "The purpose of life" I got a 'Google Ad' saying "Heard from God lately?". I clicked it with a least attention. To my surprise it was too good!

The author John Eldredge's book on "Walking with God" seems good to me. I saw his welcome video in the homepage of this site http://www.walkingwithgod.net/. It made me inquisitive to read something more. I am still reading the sample chapter he has offered in this site.

A glimpse on the first few pages gave me these beautiful rationales. Wanting to be secular here, I would like to replace "Jesus" with "God" in my explanations.

Believing and Following are quite different. Following is the prescribed way as we always realize God is leading us. I inferred more from this. If you believe on something, you do it and you attribute the success on you. It might lead to self-pride or a kind of vanity, which can't be the path to realize God. To hear God we will have to listen to him. To listen to him he have to follow his path. So Following is preferred than believing!

He says we have our life from some source that is God. Bible compares God to the Vine [the stem] of a tree and His followers to the branches. Stem gives life to the branches. Branches can't widen beyond certain width though it gets life from the stem. It has to produce its fruits for others! Inferring more, I should say that God has given us the life to live for others than to live for ourself ?

Read more from the PDF and you may understand the book more differently than what I comprehend. Go to http://www.walkingwithgod.net/TheBook.aspx and in the "Sub Navigation" menu, click "Try it". The "Summer" chapter is available in PDF format for reading.


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