Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Father!

When I opened my eyes the first,
I saw him, a stiff and a huge man;
To me, it was him, at his best,
            Who always had an attitude of ‘I can’;

I used to feel protected, staying in her arms,
            Feel safe being with my lovely mother;
Being with her is so secure and void of harm,
            Who else is around, I didn’t bother!

At first, it was difficult to accept him,
            Commands over me if I wasn’t gentle;
For the mischief I did, he shows a grim,
            Seeing which, I go calm to settle.

I grew up to feel, He is nice by his gesture,
            Majestic, Mature, Calm and Cool;
My eyes slowly turned to him, for his nature,
            Felt if nurtured by him, I can’t grow a fool.

It was too early for me to think about career,
            Though I was too na├»ve to define role model;
But, after looking at his life with success and cheer,
            I learnt cheer doesn’t sustain if I dawdle.

I have reached many of my dreams,
            Though there was a lot of pressure or stress; 
Handled them easy and cool without any screams,
With his savings, support and bless!

Now, when he transforms his strengths, as he ages,
He neither bids adieu nor feels to retire;
Relentlessly adds value to my life with his adages,
            Proud at his past and my present to admire!

Even today, in the equation of life,
            He covers my minus with his plus;
When the unfilled X and Ys are at rife,
Balances with his math, without any fuss.

Everybody needs a father like the one
            A man who is useful always as he redefines;
And feel, without him life is none,
            Aspires me to be a strong man, yet refined!

Composed By: Mani Jayaram
Date: 13-Nov-2013
Seed: About my father!