Monday, June 30, 2008

Thinking Ahead of Time

I was thinking the other day about 'Thinking ahead of time'. It was my feeling all these days that if one thinks ahead of time, he will be abused by people as 'Insane' as they cannot perceive his/her thought. It becomes hard to survive by thinking ahead of time. Don't you think this has some sense?

But I also feel, just because others will abuse should one stop thinking ahead? If everyone starts to think this way and try to stick on to the thinking of society then how will radical changes happen in this world? There have been lot of people who have been considered eccentric at first and got well accepted later. Few examples could be Swami Vivekananda, Einstein, Netwton et al.

Not many can think ahead. Its a gift; You can't ask for it but can be happy if yoy have it! Mind is locked to think new and Keeping our senses open is the key to open up! Keep hearing to all thoughts. Every minute sound has its cause and effect. More than hearing, you should listen. Every touch, Every argument and Every Sight has its own relevance. We never know when will the synergy be created from the information we have gathered. These external sources gives only information. The synergy should be created in ones mind/soul!

Vivekananda said "You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul. The goal of mankind is knowledge! Now this knowledge is inherent in man. No knowledge comes from outside: it is all inside. What we say a man "knows," should, in strict psychological language, be what he "discovers" or "unveils"; what man "learns" is really what he discovers by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge."

To end up ... To any right idea/thought there is first an opposition, then an apposition and then an acceptance! Keep thinking and inculcate on the yound minds, how to think out-of-the-box! Its really required. Who knows? You can bring a big difference in this world!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I drew my so-called portrait!

It was actually in the year 2005, I went to sydney through IBM. I went there to migrate one J2EE application from IBM-Australia to IBM-India and take ownership of the same. I had heavy work one day till 9 p.m. and wanted to relax for sometime in home. Being alone in my apartment I was not knowing what to do. I usually hear lot of music and cook something to kill time. That day all my usual divertions put me to boredom. To change my mind, I suddenly thought why not to draw something. I didn't have a pencil or eraser but started roughly with a Ball Point Pen. I started to draw myself seeing one of my photos!

Before you look at the photo, I would like to say few things about it:

  • Believe it or not, I drew this seeing my photo only [Whether the portrait looks like me or not] :-)

  • It was drawn using a BLACK BALL-POINT pen and there is no way I can erase and correct the mistakes. So it is drawn in one shot.

  • I took just above an hour to draw this. From 10:05p till 11:10p
Here is the photo!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Poem - "Love is God"

When I was wondering what is Godliness,
Laundering and Wandering in loneliness,
Looking at all things in this universe,
Whether the concept of God could be dubious! ...

A teacher told me God punishes the faulty,
And enforced me to always stick on my duty,
I was afraid and went to him always, pleading,
And just thought he is a dictator, who is leading!

Looking at my fear and apprehension,
My family explained me his true composition,
That take Him as your ever-green friend,
And share with him the joy and sorrow blend!

A wise friend of mine, told that he is the power,
And to the mighty concentrator, his blessings shower,
Always concentrate on him, to tell what you want,
And he will prove, nothing is impossible that he cant!

My experience over the past few years,
Made me feel a love for him and no fears!
Always pray and wish to him on what you need,
Do good to others, and watch on His favoring deeds!

The truth is usually hard and sour to perceive,
And those who believe in him, are never deceived,
It depends on where you search and look for him,
Wise say that he is on all of us, bright or dim!

When you are in a piece of frustration,
You see him coming to you, as a consolation,
May be in the form of a gentle soothing breeze,
Gives you the comfort, to put the problem on freeze!

When you are in need of love and affection,
He gives you your people, to the satisfaction,
To rely upon them in life, during the good and bad,
To seek their help and come out of the trouble you had!

He is near to you, in lot of varied forms,
And to love him and seek help, has no norms,
Just that you have to feel him near to your heart,
And he will be always there with you, and never depart!

Life keeps unraveling every flavor of his face,
And hints us different clues in this puzzling maze,
Love is the key to get his omniscience grace,
It’s True 'Love is God', though a hackneyed phrase!

Composed By: Mani Jayaram
Date: 20-Sep-2007
When: Just to put my thoughts to say that Love is God and He is in all of us, usually unnoticed!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Positive Thinking

I have been reading about Positive Thinking, Auto-Suggestions and Toxic Speaking for a long time now! Wanted to give my thought here so that it can benefit you.

Positive Thinking is not just about mental tuning of a person. It would have been told to you by your mother, father or grandma many-a-times. Whenever we were in trouble and mourned to our parents, they would have told us to think positive. But we have kept ignoring them. "Think Positive" is not just an advice given by old-age people. It is a science!

Psycologist and people who treat patients though 'mental healing' say that brain cannot process negative statements. It simply ignores the negative connotation used in your command and does consider the remaining part of your statement.

You still dont believe it? Fine! Let me ask you to stop reading the remaining for a while and just concentrate on this question. "Dont think of a Blue Elephant". Read it again now ... "Dont think of a Blue Elephant". Now tell me one thing. Did your mind pictured an elephant blue in color? Shiv Kera in 'You can Win" told this example. Though you said to your brain "Dont think of a Blue Elephant", your mind picutured a blue elephant. Now do you believe in what I say?

Tuning your Child through positve statements!
If to a child you say "Dont drop the glass", it immediately drops it. It is not that the child wants to irritate you [or] is trying to be mischievious. It is the way brain responds to negative statements! Instead you tell the same child "Hold the glass", it will hold it for sure.

A story which I read should be another good example for "Toxic Speak"! Two children were on the top of a small tree. When their parents observed strong wind blowing, they frenzied to ask their kids to be careful. One shouted "Hold the tree firmly" and the other screamed "Dont fall down". You now know what would have happened :-)

Speak positve to your kids! Remove words like 'not', 'dont', 'but', 'try', "might', 'could' et al as much as possible. You can speak these words to mentally sound people but, to kids whom you want to tune better, speak positive!

People who are addicted to smoking/drinking also should practice to stop them using positive statements. If they keep telling to them "I should not smoke today", they will eventually smoke. Rather they should think about how good it is to breathe fresh air. Institutes which train people to come out of addictions, talk about benefits of being good. They never talk about "NOT" doing the bad!

As part of our high-school we would have studied about brain. We had to write about 'Cerebrum', 'Cerebellum' and 'Medula Oblongata' to get our marks. Knowing them is no more helpful to many of us except doctors. Lets know that "Brain Cannot process negative statements" to score good in our life!

"Euphemism" is the art of expressing unpleasant things in a pleasant way. Practice it. Its good and will bring lots of friends to your life. By talking and thinking positive your brain will be your good friend too!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

'Walking with God' By John Eldredge - My Suggestion!

I was not fascinated initially with the 'Google Ads' section I had put in my blog. I used it to the level of tracing how many visisted my blog on day-to-day basis and nothing more than that.

For my blog "The purpose of life" I got a 'Google Ad' saying "Heard from God lately?". I clicked it with a least attention. To my surprise it was too good!

The author John Eldredge's book on "Walking with God" seems good to me. I saw his welcome video in the homepage of this site It made me inquisitive to read something more. I am still reading the sample chapter he has offered in this site.

A glimpse on the first few pages gave me these beautiful rationales. Wanting to be secular here, I would like to replace "Jesus" with "God" in my explanations.

Believing and Following are quite different. Following is the prescribed way as we always realize God is leading us. I inferred more from this. If you believe on something, you do it and you attribute the success on you. It might lead to self-pride or a kind of vanity, which can't be the path to realize God. To hear God we will have to listen to him. To listen to him he have to follow his path. So Following is preferred than believing!

He says we have our life from some source that is God. Bible compares God to the Vine [the stem] of a tree and His followers to the branches. Stem gives life to the branches. Branches can't widen beyond certain width though it gets life from the stem. It has to produce its fruits for others! Inferring more, I should say that God has given us the life to live for others than to live for ourself ?

Read more from the PDF and you may understand the book more differently than what I comprehend. Go to and in the "Sub Navigation" menu, click "Try it". The "Summer" chapter is available in PDF format for reading.