Monday, August 17, 2009

It lies 'within'!

The crux of this blog is to stress that the solution for any problem lies inside and not outside. Let me support this statement spiritually, mythically, physiologically and philosophically to try make you believe this.

Swami Vivekananda believes in the power and eternity of Soul. He says that for any problem the solution lies inside. There is a shield between the soul and the mind that causes the disconnection. Upon good meditation and belief, the shield fades away leaving the soul answer all our questions. The soul has transcended many births and generations, whose depth can't be covered by any book/person. All answers thus lie within, according to him.

There is a small story in our epic Mahabharata where both Yudhistra and Duriyodhana were asked to go round the country to read people and their content levels. Yudhistra notices and reports all good when he returns, while Duriyodhana reports all the bad. It lies within! We see the world through our mind. How we are, so we see!

To bring a good habit into practice, the change has to come within. When people complain their genes or physiological heritage as a reason to their maladies and faults they commit, we shouldn't encourage. It’s all in the mind and what we tune in our mind controls the hormones in our body and our practices eventually.

Our own Mahatma Gandhi even asked us to be the change that we like to see. To extend my thought on the above consolidations, I will say that anything in this world is inside-out. The life in earth is a matter of cause-and-effect. The 'cause' is committed by us and it begets the ‘effect’. Thus I say that the direction is always inside-out!

Let’s start realizing the importance of our inner self. We are all like the seed which stores in it one big tree and countless fruits. It’s from 'within'. There is less a difference in the process of ‘sowing’ and 'burying'. Both happen inside the soil but the difference in the effect of both these process is manifold. It’s the difference between life and death, the difference between sprouting and decaying, the extremities! What we see deep within can be liveliness or decomposition. Let’s tune our inner self. There is the solution for all problems. Why wait? Search within!



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Contributing to our value system

Some weeks before, I had to experience a disturbing incident. I took my father for some purchase and we had some loads of bags with us. Since my father had to withdraw some money, I stood outside the ATM holding all the bags, while he was waiting in the queue. I didn’t notice that he was facing some problems in entering his pin. As he saw a big queue of people waiting for their turn, he came out after three attempts. He is not new to ATM but of course, he is an old man and may be he didn’t get it right this time.

I saw a couple of frustrated faces when he came out. It disturbed me and I felt pity for him. It’s natural for anyone to get frustrated, if somebody takes time like this [Though I am not of that type especially with old people]. On top of these, I saw particularly one young man with his son talking something with a sarcastic smile on his face, looking at my father! May be, I was wrong in understanding his gesture. But, that juncture made me feel [bad] about where our society is heading. It questioned me on what is he passing to the next generation through his son! [If at all, my assumption was right]

Our values are getting degenerated is what I should say. I didn’t feel this because it was my father who was the victim. In general, I was worried about the attitude he was teaching his son. Any boy of age between 10 and 20 yrs looks his father as the role model. A boy of that age, starts admiring his father on everything and [un]consciously starts imbibing the traits of his father. I would have been happy, if this guy would have taught his boy to help old people like this who struggle. Minimally, he should have at least left the place quietly!

The values of the society lie in respecting the senior citizens of that society. If people are well respected and their emotions are well addressed, we can see more value in this social system. Like how Government has to play an important role in creating these values, we also have our dues to pay on the same lines. After all, our government is for the people, by the people and to the people.

Respecting our work makes us do our job better. Respecting our family makes us, live a moral and affectionate life. I believe that with 'love' comes 'respect', with 'respect' comes 'sincerity' and with 'sincerity' comes 'diligence' and 'diligence' makes you think smart towards success. Values get formed with continues success on our backs!

It starts at our home and expands outside. May be its time that we all cross-check on what we are passing to the next generation towards the value system. It’s all what we teach them. The way we live and behave, teaches them all.

Take Care!