Monday, November 2, 2009

How Men Became Dominant...

We keep hearing that the society is full of male dominance or the practices that we follow are all centered towards male interests. Some call it male dominance, some call it male chauvinism and women generally attribute this gesture as an arrogance shown towards womanhood. But then, how it all started? I thought to extrapolate on what I read sometime back. Here you go...

The universal law of nature [or] the principle of evolution believes in 'Survival of the Fittest'. Let’s go to the period where the first single-cell organism came into existence. Its only job was to make its species prevalent in this earth and thus it started to split itself to reproduce more of its kind in this earth. To survive it needed nutrition and to spread, it needed reproduction. Slowly mutation came into play and suddenly two cell organisms emerged. This went on and on. A higher level organism never wanted to mate with its lower version mainly because every organism wanted to spread its race into the earth, evolve in their gene. To survive in the ecosystem, it has to be stronger than its predecessors. [This is why marriage in our culture is performed between people of same generation. The main reason is to bring the next level off springs fit and fine!] This kind of mutation process went on and on and humans [multi-cell organisms] came into the earth.

The main intention of humans [before civilizations emerged] was again to spread its race. Reproduction was on. When choice was considered for, who should earn bread for their daily living, it was mutually agreed that Men should do it. This is because women by nature of their body had to bear children and thus were not able to regularly participate in hunting or climbing trees et al. Thus women were at home taking care of the family and men had to go for hunting and bring food back home. This is why men went for work and it was initially done NOT with the intention to suppress women.

Men were involved in warfare, hunting and all outdoor activities to survive and protect their families. The male population got reduced slowly in this process of hunting and warfare. There came an imbalance in the men-women ratio, which showed a high threat to the spreading of human race. When a baby girl was born it wasn't considered a happy moment because the community already had lots of women and they desperately needed men to spread human race and to strike balance between men and women. This intention slowly went so rude to the level of woman infanticide.

Also the imbalance in the men-women ratio brought in polygamy and that too in men's favor. Women started to accept the same man because men population was less and it was considered legal that a man can have physical relationship with more than one woman. Spreading of human race and protecting human gene was more important to humans of that age, than monogamy or polygamy.

All the intentions were thus noble in those olden days and when civilizations began, these noble intentions slowly turned into a male-dominance dogma. The human race got established well enough and evolved over time but, the gene in men and women took time to evolve or change in their pattern. Thus men kept women under their hold, kept most of the rights/privileges with them, suppressed women to express their opinions and considered them a child vending machines.

Situations have changed now. But some practices in our society are still male centric. Anytime we are into any doubt on male-centric practices think back to those prehistoric ages and see if that practice bears any relevance. Considering men as hunters and women as home-defenders is the clue. Dominance whether done by man or woman is not right. So hormones, genes or prehistoric practices can't be used as a defense for any human action :-)

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