Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What we sow, we reap ?

Yes! A well known proverb! I can say it is a hackneyed phrase. Wanted to draw some tangential thoughts to this. So let’s think. Is this always true? Do we always reap what we sow?

I agree that Good deeds beget goodness and bad ones yields the bad. But, I feel it is not just 'what we sow', it is also 'where we sow' that matters! A rich soil yields good harvest. Thus the environment is an important factor as well! If a soil is not conditioned well for a particular kind of crop, does the harvest still be rich?

A good person amidst 1000 bad people is seen odd. I am not trying to say here to get used to the environment we belong to! I am not persuading to loose our identity but to create a conducive environment and condition the surroundings before we 'sow' our thoughts or actions.

A weed-out process should happen, where we first customize our ambience to think in our lines. We can't force our thoughts in that environment but we will have to convince the environment. A set of beliefs ONLY when is well accepted and followed, forms a religion. Any religious moral is believed across generations. Thus any thought to be trusted and believed needs sincere followers who should be convinced on what we want them to believe. The thought whether it becomes pervasive or extinct is dependent on on how we prepare our surroundings before seeding our thought.

Thus, don’t just think about 'sowing the right ones'. Think about the right place. A right seed in the wrong environment perishes with no trace of its being. We humans have great sense to think and create our environment rather than crib on the environment we live in. Any effort in the wrong direction goes futile.

The difference between 'living' and 'adaptation' is the difference between humans and other living organisms. Animals adapt and evolve to their surroundings. But we humans have the ability to create our living. So rather than complaining/adapting on the society we should act in such a way that right morals and right actions will happen in the environment that surrounds us.

Next time, when we try to 'sow' will we think on where we are doing it? Prepare the base properly so that what we 'sow' grows well and becomes beneficial to ourselves and others. I think, I sowed my thought here in an environment, where I believe people who read it will think about it :-)