Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Poem - Unnoticed Trivia

I was pondering heavily the other day,
To know what is the feeling of being blessed,
My mind had to stop its thinking and say,
It’s enough being an object that is not cursed!

To me, my brain's retort was not convincible,
I felt that there is something that is invincible,
So, I had to put the laxing side of my mind,
Into this job of getting me answers, to this find!

Aah! I soon realized to my surprise,
When lot of small things started to rise,
Trivial things turn to be the harmony,
That we missed being always in monotony!

By soon getting up busy, out of our beds,
As soon as the rays of sun, on our bed sheds,
We don’t understand something and exhibit fuss,
That the sun likes to lie down in our bed, to rest with us!

Freshness neither flavor us, in the morning sunlight,
Nor the calmness please us, in the evening twilight,
We get hard and immune under those dull busy covers,
And fail to notice all the blossom beauty that flowers!

Every flower has its romantic spells to speak,
When it meets its wind and bee with which it freaks,
The rain brings to us the melodies of The Lord,
But, we fail to listen to these divine musical chords!

Every time we get the support of a shoulder,
Do we realize that relationships make us bolder?
To all these beautiful and lovely relationship,
Do we deliver justice and relish the feel of kinship?

It feels so esoteric, bizarre and strange,
To see in us the ignorance that quietly range,
And for all these dullness that dwells,
We make our life in earth miserable, a hell!

Failing to listen, the beauty of life's rhyme,
Thinking this ignorance is not a big crime,
We leave a lot of beauty alone and unnoticed,
Not knowing the value of these that are missed!

I would like to get lost into these trivial beauty,
Unlike the common man who gets lost in his duty,
To assimilate the fullest essence of this life,
And get dispersed into every beauty that ripe!

Composed By: Mani Jayaram
Date: 08-Jan-2008
When: Just to put my thoughts to say something that we miss in this busy hectic life!