Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The purpose of our life

A heavy topic to talk about. I know! But, do we all need to think about it at some point in time? I am not sure. But I am confident that lot of people end their life without thinking on this.

Just one question keeps lingering on my thought always. Did God brought us into this world only to enjoy the worldly pleasures. Are we so gifted that we are exclusively born to enjoy. I am not saying that we always enjoy. I also know all of us have problems in life. But, they are relative to each other. Our problem is atleast 100 folds lighter than the people who live on slums. Am I Right?

Keeping apart, your aspirations and ambitions to grow even stronger I can tell that we are all blessed by the Lord with a good contended life which lot of people just dare to dream of. My mind keeps thinking this. The goodness and merriment that we experience in this birth are not just the result of goodness of our previous births. God probably wants to tell us something else, which we have probably misunderstood.

It is not just relishing the life we have got, that we should do. Its fine! We have got a good life by God's grace but what next? What is the purpose of our existence? Just to relish the good life we have got? Remember, when we relish, we deplete our goodness by reaping the benefits. So when do we replenish?

When we are able to think on growing even stronger why we fail to think of bringing up others? A man who is not into a big physical/mental trauma will have a stable mind to think properly. We have this biggest asset with us, the stable mind. With this mental stability we need to think goodness to others to the level we can. This mental stability has been blessed to us, not just to relax the stableness but to think where next we can advance.

We will have to think of us. I am sure. We need to improve self centered as well. Life has become competitive. But atleast something to the poor, the abandoned and the old. Do we realize that the poor dream 10 times less than what we live in our day-to-day life? Not even in their dreams they think of what we aspire[or dream] to become. Should we atleast make them view a good life and make them live a bit better?

To get assimilated and get ourself diffused and dispersed into service mode, is something divine. That is not my point here. Let some cells of our body think of service. Let these cells multiply in its own time. Let us nurture these thoughts on others. The number of cells will increase organically and inorganically. I am sure our children will get the flavor of this in them as well, because of us.

Something made me write here all this! I am not sure on what I wrote here. If something good is conveyed here, I am happy ...