Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Do we miss something when we go far from our dear ones?

Every coin has two facets and so is the answer to this question too. A common man thinks that he misses a lot. To learn and reap the benefits of life, we have to look at the other facet too! A separation for a short while, is good enough for many things though it pains!

A trough is required to define the crest. A valley is required to define mountains. Any big happenning has a silence before it. We require this silence too and it is this calm lonely time when introspection actually happens to the right dimension, taking us to superior maturity levels.

Our apprehensions and weakness stand with us when we are in our comfort zone. We lack confidence and stay ignorant of many things and feel, comfort zone is the right place to dwell. When we are forced out of this zone [or] try to come out by ourselves, we march against these downs to reach the top. Human mind is enormously powered and is so apative to challenges and increases our confidence-quotient and strengths. So start to march out!

Do we think that we miss people going far? Yes! We miss them. But, what are we trying to teach to our dear ones, being with them always. If you say that we teach love, affection and togetherness, I accept but also object to an extent. Love and affection when fed at right time to proper levels sustain beyond human-life! After all, nobody waters the tree! We water the plant, nuture it and then leave it independent. The tree gives us its fruitfulness till its end and after its life, no matter we water it further or not! So is Love and affection which can travel for miles and live beyond our lives!

A small separation has its gains. It makes people feel your importance. Rather I should say that it also explains you the importance of people who were around you. Adaptive mind gives the strength to our near-and-dear to withstand separation. Gives a mutual lesson of growing emotionally strong. They say that a wise person creates a vaccum, by his absence. In this modern world, I should say that vaccum is created by the absence of good and affectionate people itself. It is this vaccum that can define the importance of life-without-air, as I previously said.

A final touch to this blog, brings out the fact that a small separation brings in a strong eternal binding! Be prepared to face the separation and feel this wonderful bonding!

To end up this prolix, I would ask you to change the vision. Flip to the other facet of the coin! Dont see on what you miss, when you separate! Look at what you gain. It is true that only when you dare to miss something, you gain a new great thing, which a common man usually misses!
Gain this biggest miss of the common man and stand out amidst the very few uncommon people!