Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Into My Mystery Land

It had been a month, since I blogged. Not sure why. But lots of thoughts I was into. ALso was busy at work :-) ... Wanted to put my recent poem atleast to be in touch here ... Read it, if you feel like!


Into My Mystery Land

In this big world full of cause and effect
Living this life with so many defects
My mind started to sail like a boat,
In a big ocean of fictitious thought!

Wanting to find a piece of land,
Where I can see peace, ease at hand,
Live only with people and things I like
And, nothing else bothering my psyche!

I wanted to walk into the lonely dark
With no light but the lighting's spark
Intent to find a beautiful calm place
That is still to my mind, mystic and Haze!

I wanted to sleep gazing the azure sight,
The clouds shielding me from rain and sunlight,
Sing my rhymes to anything and everything,
Enjoying a life, taken away from human being!

To each and every subtle signs of nature,
I should enjoy living there on my posture,
Even for a small sound of the birds chirk,
My heart should dance giving its jerks!

The sky should allow me to decorate her,
To move the stars and clouds here and there,
Turn the moon and sun, as her focus lights,
That will give people of earth, a beautiful sight!

To drink the rain drops before it lands,
To alter the shape of mountains with my hands,
The nature should allow me to water wash and paint,
I shall be privileged to make it clean, remove its taint!

I wanted to play my own life like a good game,
Not do anything in my land, for money or fame,
The moment something strikes me, it is done,
None to answer, nothing to bother and Only Fun!

The fact that none can go against nature,
Understand fully, I succumb a poor creature,
Let Nature powerfully take over myself,
Considering me an ever bonded slave for itself!

A ray of light should strike powerful on me
And show this beautiful place only for me,
It should be a place where only peace exist,
To run there my body and soul shouldn't resist!

Not knowing why this find, its purpose,
Me and My thoughts, let loose in disperse,
Will I hold my sole part of water and sand,
Which is still to me, a mystery land!