Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The path might end;but the journey continues ...

A borrowed thought from one of a tamil film song but it meant a lot to me. Isn't it the fact that whatever happens in life, time heals the good/bad and life moves on. Even if we are at a dead-end, we turn around to find our next way. Whether willingly or forced, we have to find our way until time stops us.

Time/Destiny is so authoritative that it doesn't wait for us and on top of it, it makes us wait for it one day or the other. Being a winner always, it never stoops down and makes us look for it accepting our defeat. Nobody or nothing stands the testimony of time.

So what it means to stand against Time. It needs courage, diligence and more than everything, THE FAITH. Believe in what we do, do it sincerely, pierce through the barriers, put all of you into it and you shine. When you put all of yours into a thing, you in turn give LIFE to it.

But, is giving LIFE just enough to stand against time? Life needs to survive/sustain against its mighty opponent, the Time. So how it happens? It needs followers, people who look upon it, get inspired and follow it. Thats how it stands against time.

Has anything stood against time for a few centuries? And even if it is, is it looked upon with the same level of exuberence like how it was looked upon when it was born? I dont see many! Its due to lack of followers that this unfortunate thing happens. For example, there are many architectural master-pieces that were built centuries ago but I always feel that most of them stand as a dilapidated piece without LIFE. How many of us know why it was built, how many laborers were involved in that and how long it took to build them. Only when all of these information exist and gets passed on, we see the architectural piece and the life behind it. And for those pieces for which, we know these answers, life/glory still exists. We lack followers to propagate information and make the life behind anything survive beyond time.

A religion without followers slowly perishes. If we dont cultivate our tradition/goodness/beliefs to our offspring, heritage is gone. According to me 'Marriage' is coined for the same fact. Marriage is a tradition/concept that acts as a follower-factor to reinforce love to offsprings. We follow marriage to make love survive. If it is just about sex and children like in primitive ages, would 'Love' have survived? Anything without followers, gets wiped off eventually.

What do we leave for the next generation? Is our value-system strong enough to raise the next generation. Whether you follow a nice path, or create a new path justify on what you are doing, make sure you are right 100 times and most importantly see if there is a strong following to it.

Ending my thought here ... By slightly twisting the heading of this blog to 'Your journey might end; But the path should continue to exist', I see a new beginning to my above thought ...

Take Care!
Mani Jayaram

Friday, May 6, 2011

And miles to go before I sleep ...

These famous words of Robert Frost, kept moving through the grey and white matter of my thinkcenter for a long time now that I wanted to drain this thought off my brain into my blog ...

In general I was thinking of 'destination'/'destiny' and what role it plays in us! When I was waiting for my shuttle bus to go to office, I was watching a man walking across the street here and there. It looked to me that he had nothing to do and just simply standing out on the streets. So I was thinking what happens to life without objective, aim or destination. Even for Robert Frost, Sleep [or his death as this was one of his last poems] was the destination and he wanted to do a lot before reaching the destination.

We come to office and work for a well defined time just because we know, we have to reach home at some specific time. Imagine there is just work and no home. What defines our work timings in that case? Every thing that starts needs an end. Without this end for every start, life becomes traggic! Lets take 'end' optimistically as destination/completion.

The good and the bad have a start and end. When we face the bad we should be optimistic that it will end sometime. Ideally, when we face the good we should be prepared that it is not ever-lasting. After all, the cliche says 'All good things come to an end' ...

Without end to man's life, what happens! Is there a thrill if it is a bright day always without a night or the vice versa? Even an active day is followed by a peaceful rest/sleep. Isn't it? Nature and Life teaches us the same lesson. It is the crest that defines the trough and vive versa. An end begets a new beginning. It is just that we fail to understand this.

We either go mentally down facing failures or wish to always bask on the success. Lets take the odds and evens positively. Destiny comes for our rescue in ending things that we start. What it means to be successful always? Will we have a target if we are alone on the top. What drives us to go further exploring and unravelling new limits. It is a destination for every source that sets the next level of standards for us.

Will a statement with only COMMAs and no FULL-STOP have a well defined meaning? There is an completion to all things that start. Do we like people who keep on talk without a pause? So it is, for this writing too :-) I stop it here for you to ponder ...