Monday, December 31, 2007

Let's Evolve!


My last blog of this year! Not sure, this wish puts you in the right direction! But this indite is specially scribed for you. Not with the intention of putting you down but, packed with lot of care and affection exclusively for you. Not just for you, but getting scripted in my heart as an advice to me as well, as and when I write this for you!


A New Year is a New Beginning. But can the year 2008 arrive until 2007 ends? The relevance of the past makes me tell you all that 'A New Year' gives us new hopes not just to start something new but also to complete the incompleteness of the past!

The eve of New Year is not just a day for merriment and party! Along with our achievements this year, we also have our mistakes, fights, hard feelings, apologies and conflict of opinions to supplement with! It’s not healthy to start a new year thinking of all these. But one part of the brain should have this loaded to correct ourselves from all these in the coming year(s)!

I don’t believe in resolutions but, I believe in evolution! Newton rightly said 'Every Action Has an Equal and Opposite Reaction'. Every time we take a resolution something comes on our way to break it. Thus, we have to evolve! Mistakes are inherent part of human life. They are so well rooted in us that it can't be removed in a day. Ignorance is the mud and clay which, firmly holds the roots of mistakes. The eternal bliss in the form of God, Nature, friends, family et al., gives the knowledge to become err free! This knowledge is the key to erode this mud and clay and make the roots of mistakes/faults weak!

You are a part of me. Rather, I should say that we are all parts of the whole! A mistake done by you affects me and vice versa. I will always pray that we evolve better and better every year! I Wish You A Very Happy, Prosperous, Successful and Peaceful Professional and Personal Life Ahead!!!

Happy New Year to You!!!

With Love,

Monday, November 26, 2007

Maintaining Relationships ...

Our wisdom grows with age, is a common belief! But can something grow when nothing is seeded? Or, are we monitoring what grows is the growth of the seed or an unwanted weed?

A thought about maintaining human relationships is here. Say, I meet a person and have some job with him, just for two days; I start my interactions with him towards attaining my objective. Will any of his bad traits disturb me? I very well know that whatever he does, I can bear for two days and push off. But, if I have to stay with the same person on a committed relationship, it starts troubling me. Things get worser if that relationship has to blossom into a friendship or family.

Why these Frictions? Any relationship goes smooth until it enters its commitment zone. This zone of commitment is a very sensitive one. Something like a fragile glass, where a break-and-fix still leaves a visible crack and a spoiled beauty. What should we do?

The answer is simple. Expect minimally and utter your expectations to your partner. The partner could be your parent, friend, lover, wife, children or any one. Another beautiful way of putting the same stand-point is, what do you expect and is your partner aware of it or not! Question your partner! I will suggest you to question your friend not the friendship, question your lover and not the love.

Questioning a person tells him of your expectation whereas question the relationship stains it. It means that the trust is gone and the relationship becomes brittle. You have the right to question because you are into a relationship with your partner. So, question the relationship is something like you entered into a wrong relationship!

I always feel that it is better to tell your partner on what you want. Dont wait and see what he/she does to you. A lot of people command certain relationships to have certain inherent qualities and thereby they risk their own emotional side as well as their partner's.

A person enters into a relationship, when he/she has a liking. So by knowing what you expect, he/she tries to be that way! If even after knowing your pragmatic expectations, your partner fails to fulfil it, the relationship itself could be questioned.

Relationships are too complicated to form by itself. We build this chain piece-by-piece, making it long and sustainable for years. Even if one piece is weak, the chain may break. They say "A chain is as strong as its weakest link" and so are relationships.
Are you with me?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Do we miss something when we go far from our dear ones?

Every coin has two facets and so is the answer to this question too. A common man thinks that he misses a lot. To learn and reap the benefits of life, we have to look at the other facet too! A separation for a short while, is good enough for many things though it pains!

A trough is required to define the crest. A valley is required to define mountains. Any big happenning has a silence before it. We require this silence too and it is this calm lonely time when introspection actually happens to the right dimension, taking us to superior maturity levels.

Our apprehensions and weakness stand with us when we are in our comfort zone. We lack confidence and stay ignorant of many things and feel, comfort zone is the right place to dwell. When we are forced out of this zone [or] try to come out by ourselves, we march against these downs to reach the top. Human mind is enormously powered and is so apative to challenges and increases our confidence-quotient and strengths. So start to march out!

Do we think that we miss people going far? Yes! We miss them. But, what are we trying to teach to our dear ones, being with them always. If you say that we teach love, affection and togetherness, I accept but also object to an extent. Love and affection when fed at right time to proper levels sustain beyond human-life! After all, nobody waters the tree! We water the plant, nuture it and then leave it independent. The tree gives us its fruitfulness till its end and after its life, no matter we water it further or not! So is Love and affection which can travel for miles and live beyond our lives!

A small separation has its gains. It makes people feel your importance. Rather I should say that it also explains you the importance of people who were around you. Adaptive mind gives the strength to our near-and-dear to withstand separation. Gives a mutual lesson of growing emotionally strong. They say that a wise person creates a vaccum, by his absence. In this modern world, I should say that vaccum is created by the absence of good and affectionate people itself. It is this vaccum that can define the importance of life-without-air, as I previously said.

A final touch to this blog, brings out the fact that a small separation brings in a strong eternal binding! Be prepared to face the separation and feel this wonderful bonding!

To end up this prolix, I would ask you to change the vision. Flip to the other facet of the coin! Dont see on what you miss, when you separate! Look at what you gain. It is true that only when you dare to miss something, you gain a new great thing, which a common man usually misses!
Gain this biggest miss of the common man and stand out amidst the very few uncommon people!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Poem - The Daily Thirst

A second of a spark,
Thrived to take me out of the dark!
Gave me an anonymous feeling,
Promised me a potion of healing!

A minute of silence,
Tried to give me resilience!
Made me meditate what should I do,
To stand one among the bright few!

An hour of the past,
Tried to make me think fast!
On, How I have been,
In my blues and greens!

A day of thought,
Made me hot and hot!
Think of various bright personalities,
And hone on my abilities!

Let there be a spark in my sword,
To answer all my silence to the world!
Let every day of my present and future,
Make me a king, in my gestures!

When the world look upon the sky,
They see an enormous puissance with Sigh!
And, there you see me good and efficient!
As a pessimist to all negatives and deficient!

Seeing the way I grow to the crown!
With all the good in me and no drown!
I will be a metaphor of persistence!
Show how one should find a reason for his existence!

Composed By: Mani Jayaram
Date: 19th December 2005.
For: Yes! My daily thirst. What else? :)

My Poem - The Feeling of Love

Where in this huge world does she live?
And how much more sweet troubles will she give?
Is this all that I am into, a hormonal rush?
Or just the output of my empathy, a poetic gush!

She makes me feel in her, all the seasons,
Don’t know why? For whatsoever reasons,
In her, the sense of all the elements of earth,
Makes me feel in her, nothing in dearth!

The hot summer of her scorching eyes,
Adds to my bland life, a lot of spice!
The blooming spring of her mesmerizing beauty,
Runs my manliness to its fullest heavy-duty!

Fire stumbles on the purity of her nature,
Land trembles on the endurance in her stature,
Ocean loses to the depth, her love reaches,
Sky tumbles seeing the height of her kind features!

Her straights, bends and those beautiful curves,
Takes a roller-coaster ride on my nerves!
Making me feel that life is worth this wait,
To feel and see all goodness in her traits!

The white jasmines of her adorable smiles,
My mind carries away for miles and miles,
The fragrance of her love that it gives,
Is the only one for which my heart lives!

I need to drench in the rain of love,
And it is for this feeling, my heart will bow,
Feel the thunder's rhythm when our hearts beat,
Feel the lightning's spark when our eyes meet!

The day I shower and sprinkle my love on you,
Like the fresh morning rose adorned by the dew,
Like the grass whispering its love to the rain drops,
Will you speak your love to shower my love crops?

Composed By : Mani Jayaram
Date : 16-Jul-2007
How : Travelling 2 hours [to and fro] to my office, I keep hearing lovely cine melodies. Wanting to outpour my thoughts in the same lines, to show that I am also romantic :)