Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Poem - The Feeling of Love

Where in this huge world does she live?
And how much more sweet troubles will she give?
Is this all that I am into, a hormonal rush?
Or just the output of my empathy, a poetic gush!

She makes me feel in her, all the seasons,
Don’t know why? For whatsoever reasons,
In her, the sense of all the elements of earth,
Makes me feel in her, nothing in dearth!

The hot summer of her scorching eyes,
Adds to my bland life, a lot of spice!
The blooming spring of her mesmerizing beauty,
Runs my manliness to its fullest heavy-duty!

Fire stumbles on the purity of her nature,
Land trembles on the endurance in her stature,
Ocean loses to the depth, her love reaches,
Sky tumbles seeing the height of her kind features!

Her straights, bends and those beautiful curves,
Takes a roller-coaster ride on my nerves!
Making me feel that life is worth this wait,
To feel and see all goodness in her traits!

The white jasmines of her adorable smiles,
My mind carries away for miles and miles,
The fragrance of her love that it gives,
Is the only one for which my heart lives!

I need to drench in the rain of love,
And it is for this feeling, my heart will bow,
Feel the thunder's rhythm when our hearts beat,
Feel the lightning's spark when our eyes meet!

The day I shower and sprinkle my love on you,
Like the fresh morning rose adorned by the dew,
Like the grass whispering its love to the rain drops,
Will you speak your love to shower my love crops?

Composed By : Mani Jayaram
Date : 16-Jul-2007
How : Travelling 2 hours [to and fro] to my office, I keep hearing lovely cine melodies. Wanting to outpour my thoughts in the same lines, to show that I am also romantic :)

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