Monday, December 31, 2007

Let's Evolve!


My last blog of this year! Not sure, this wish puts you in the right direction! But this indite is specially scribed for you. Not with the intention of putting you down but, packed with lot of care and affection exclusively for you. Not just for you, but getting scripted in my heart as an advice to me as well, as and when I write this for you!


A New Year is a New Beginning. But can the year 2008 arrive until 2007 ends? The relevance of the past makes me tell you all that 'A New Year' gives us new hopes not just to start something new but also to complete the incompleteness of the past!

The eve of New Year is not just a day for merriment and party! Along with our achievements this year, we also have our mistakes, fights, hard feelings, apologies and conflict of opinions to supplement with! It’s not healthy to start a new year thinking of all these. But one part of the brain should have this loaded to correct ourselves from all these in the coming year(s)!

I don’t believe in resolutions but, I believe in evolution! Newton rightly said 'Every Action Has an Equal and Opposite Reaction'. Every time we take a resolution something comes on our way to break it. Thus, we have to evolve! Mistakes are inherent part of human life. They are so well rooted in us that it can't be removed in a day. Ignorance is the mud and clay which, firmly holds the roots of mistakes. The eternal bliss in the form of God, Nature, friends, family et al., gives the knowledge to become err free! This knowledge is the key to erode this mud and clay and make the roots of mistakes/faults weak!

You are a part of me. Rather, I should say that we are all parts of the whole! A mistake done by you affects me and vice versa. I will always pray that we evolve better and better every year! I Wish You A Very Happy, Prosperous, Successful and Peaceful Professional and Personal Life Ahead!!!

Happy New Year to You!!!

With Love,