Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Poem - "Love is God"

When I was wondering what is Godliness,
Laundering and Wandering in loneliness,
Looking at all things in this universe,
Whether the concept of God could be dubious! ...

A teacher told me God punishes the faulty,
And enforced me to always stick on my duty,
I was afraid and went to him always, pleading,
And just thought he is a dictator, who is leading!

Looking at my fear and apprehension,
My family explained me his true composition,
That take Him as your ever-green friend,
And share with him the joy and sorrow blend!

A wise friend of mine, told that he is the power,
And to the mighty concentrator, his blessings shower,
Always concentrate on him, to tell what you want,
And he will prove, nothing is impossible that he cant!

My experience over the past few years,
Made me feel a love for him and no fears!
Always pray and wish to him on what you need,
Do good to others, and watch on His favoring deeds!

The truth is usually hard and sour to perceive,
And those who believe in him, are never deceived,
It depends on where you search and look for him,
Wise say that he is on all of us, bright or dim!

When you are in a piece of frustration,
You see him coming to you, as a consolation,
May be in the form of a gentle soothing breeze,
Gives you the comfort, to put the problem on freeze!

When you are in need of love and affection,
He gives you your people, to the satisfaction,
To rely upon them in life, during the good and bad,
To seek their help and come out of the trouble you had!

He is near to you, in lot of varied forms,
And to love him and seek help, has no norms,
Just that you have to feel him near to your heart,
And he will be always there with you, and never depart!

Life keeps unraveling every flavor of his face,
And hints us different clues in this puzzling maze,
Love is the key to get his omniscience grace,
It’s True 'Love is God', though a hackneyed phrase!

Composed By: Mani Jayaram
Date: 20-Sep-2007
When: Just to put my thoughts to say that Love is God and He is in all of us, usually unnoticed!

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