Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Deriving From Swami Vivekananda!

Vivekananda said "I have neither fear nor death; never was I born, never did I die; I never hunger or thirst. I am It! I am It! The whole of nature cannot crush me; it is my servant. Assert thy strength, thou Lord of lords and God of gods! Regain thy lost empire! Arise and walk and stop not!"

I wanted to extend on this. The below has my thought and what I discerned from other viable sources...

I always felt that the powerful asset of a man is his SOUL. When you apply the above Vivekananda saying to SOUL it suits the best! The only pride and possession of a man should be his SOUL. How much you enlighten and elevate it, you will see yourself a proud possession to all in this world.

Like eyes, ears etc being senses for the physical form, SOUL is the sense for your eternal form. It can see beyond ages and can transcend births and carries a lot of powers in itself. You see people telling future or remembering previous births? This means that the physical and the eternal forms are interacting and this happens to a powerful few!

I always feel that the soul travels from one body to another and becomes an integral part of one body at a time. All the deeds done by that body are not accountable to the soul. Only the ones that happen to the knowledge of soul, the soul is accountable for! Any sin committed but your conscience is not aware of, doesn't account as a deed of your soul. So the soul is not held accountable for that sin. Did you get me?

Have you observed Nature termed as Mother or God. Like how Hindu Mythology says Krishna, Rama et al. are the human lovable forms of Lord Vishnu; I also feel nature is a lovable form of Universe. Worshiping nature is like worshiping God! Soul being the virtual and integral part of Universe can thus be worshipped and enlightened. It is a form of God that is tightly linked with us [or] God's gift to us as a token of remembrance. You nourish it and you can see HIM through it.

The soul with a lot of +ve OR -ve deeds cannot attain salvation. Very similar to the chemical science where we see acid neutralizing the base, which creates the end of a laboratory experiment. Soul has to go neutral which means that the soul mixes with the universe and is no more accountable to be part of any material body. Universe and its neutral [NO AIR/VACCUM] form is the source of salvation. Universe is still a mystery and beyond the knowledge of great scientists. Universe is God and thus God is called invisible, powerful, mysterious et al.

An Atheist questions if number of souls is constant and if same souls moves from one body to another, how does population increase. I can say that it is a smart question to put any God-believer in doubt. But I feel it this way ... Newton's law and theology can be put together to give a reply to this question. It sounded valid as I thought about it …

Newton said "Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but, can be transformed from one form to another". The net energy of this universe is always the same. A soul with lot of positives bears more positive energy and that with -ves bears negative energy. Number of souls or living beings is not the matter to the universe. Nature/Universe brings organisms into existence based on this total energy available. Every soul counts for some energy. The count is not on the number of souls but it is a count on the net-energy. How much of positive energy, how much of negative energy and how much of energy got neutralized [salvation], is what that counts in effect! Total energy being constant, population/souls may vary!

Wanted to write more on each of the above derivations! But for want of time, stopping here...

Scientifically and Spiritually,

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Mani Jayaram said...

The question of Atheist and explanation based on Newton's Law needs more explanation.


The world is degrading era-by-era and as per Hindu Mythology we are now in KalYug. In this age there is more of bad than goodness.

More of badness means more of MINUS energy and this might bring the total energy of the universe into an imbalance. To counteract on this we need more POSITIVE energy. Thus population has to grow.

When one soul moves to salvation, its postive energy might be split-up into a human, a bird, a goat and a worm [say]. Or, we can have another supreme being in this earth instead of four normal living beings. Dont we hear people who are called personified Gods living in this earth? Something similar!

Its left to the nature to bring/maintain the balance.