Monday, May 12, 2008

Think Life - Hard Ways and Smart Ways

Life in this world always has Hard Ways and Smart Ways. It is left to us to look at the scenarios case- by-case and choose the hard one or the smart! This is what is called the sixth sense that resides uniquely in we humans!

They say "A Chain is as strong as its weakest link". It means something simple. Say, a chain has 100 links. The person who made it might have given 200% of his effort in making 99 links very strong. But, if has slipped on the 100th link the chain is not strong. This cliche is again relative.

Suppose the 100 links we are talking about is something about a team of 100 people. The person who is the most disjoint is the one who will be blamed for the disunion in the team. So even if you are disjoint in your mind but not as intense as the other person you will not be blamed. This is the smart way of being inculpable. Am I Right?

However, if the context of links is extended towards a person's character, I would take this cliche very optimistic. A collection of good behaviors make a man wise. Even if there is one week link in his character, will he be respected by all? Here we talked the same cliche in the HARD rigid way!

Everywhere in this world we can think of a lot if issues in hard way or the smart way. How we evolve and live bug free depends on how we think. I would like to end this indite with another cliche I read long back. This is again about living 'relatively competitive' in life. Also it has a good message ...

"Every deer has to run faster than the Fastest Lion to save its Life. Every Lion has to run faster than the slowest deer to get its prey". Isn't this thinking an ideal one for smarter living :-)

But, ultimately the aim here is to keep running in life. The day you stop running, you are lost! So, Keep Running!


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