Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Poem - "My Love – My Wish"

I am not sure if this is a mere fantasy,
But it’s definitely a gush of my ecstasy,
Longing to see the one destined for my life,
To pour my feel here, on love and my future wife!

Though I focus great, to the center of the dart,
In denying her an entry into my lonely calm heart,
With her adoring smile, should she find the secret key,
Make me loose the game and feel how powerful is she!

All she likes and loves should become my taste,
The confidence I have in my identity should go waste!
My wishes to toggle upside down after this cyclone,
To observe myself transitioning as her lovely clone!

She should make me forget, my day and night.
Make me discover them only in her mesmerizing sight,
To know my Morning East and the Evening West,
The wink of her eyes should tell them the best!

To lie on her lap and get pampered like her son,
To lie on her arms getting soothed, is a benison,
To be puzzled, what she loves in me and be guessed,
And live an exemplary life, feeling mutually blessed!

Even when the whole world abuses Love, a mistake,
I should consider them false, taking a re-take,
Should be her, being the sole motive of my decision,
Even in my dreams, see only her in full precision!

My heart should long for that wonderful moment,
The romance that I yearn for is hard to comment!
For that day, she will rest her self on my chest,
Walking hand in hand, along grassy meadows, abreast!

Composed By: Mani Jayaram
Date: 05-May-2008

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