Friday, December 5, 2008

Tough Times - Way to look at it!

Challenging Situations, Muddled minds and confused murmurs are the ones I see these days among people. Yes, we are circled by tough times these days both inside and outside. But, it is all in our perception and how we look at this scene. I felt like giving you a different dimension or a consolation to feel comfortable in this crisis!

We have been facing challenges in life. Some we faced unknowingly, some as part of our commitments/predicaments and some after hibernation into our comfort zones.

  • Unknowingly as a little toddler, we learnt to walk. As a child we slowly prattled to get our speaking ability. These are the main and major things one should have in life. I mean the ability to walk and speak. Right? Luckily, as a child we never had the fear or thinking as to what will happen if I can’t walk? [or] what will happen if I cant speak? Without that fear/tension we were able to tackle it easily!
  • As part of commitments: We struggled to get settled in life. No other go we got to do it. Else, life becomes a trouble. We had to clear our exams and there was no other option. So we did it!
  • After getting settled in life we entered into a routine and got comforts. We were into a hibernation mode, out of troubles. And suddenly now, when a crisis or a challenge comes we panic or get confused!

Do you see the difference in all the above phases of life? Challenges were there always, they were unique but its our attitude towards it that made the difference.

Lets face it. Only tough times unravel the strengths of a man. Success is not about winning always. It’s also about how quickly we can raise out of debacles! Even the smallest of the grass has to put its new root into the ground firmly, even if it sees a new stone on its way. Only when you keep rocking yourself strong against the obstacles, you get deeply firmly rooted. Mind it!

Think of your surroundings, ambience and dependents. You cannot stumble so easily and also collapse your dependents. The struggle of a seed inside the ground is two-fold. In one direction, it has to stretch and push out of the soil to help the world with its fruits, flowers, shade et al. On the other direction, it has to root itself deeply/firmly so that it can stand strong to support the world and sustain its fruitfulness. Can you evaluate which direction is important? We can't be partial to one of this, obviously. Both are crucial dimensions to concentrate on! How many trees we see daily? But, do we realize this fact? Let’s be strong and keep others and our ambience lively and strong as well! Growing on both sides is very important and these tough times help us do that!

Its time, I leave your mind free to ponder on this. To end with a cliché, "Tough times never last; but, tough men do!!!"

Yours inspiringly,

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