Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life - Being Accountable, Yet Keeping it Lite!


It has been a long time ... How are you? Yesterday when I was heading back home, I thought a few things which I felt sharing with you.

Life is a gift or a pain? Have we ever counted how many moments in a day we were happy or sad? Is that happiness or sorrow because of our mistake or the other? There are definite answers to everything in the world. But, it depends on whether you want to accept it or not. If you ask me, for all the 'effects', the 'cause' is you. You started something which gave that 'effect'. But does that always mean you are the one who did that mistake? Not actually!

Certain things have to start. When I say 'Certain Things', it can be any work, a conversation, an acquaintance, a project, your own vision, a desire or anything. Who starts it is not of concern. But once started, how you attribute yourself to the series of events that happens around it, makes you accountable for the happiness/sorrow that you got.

To be simple, A desire to buy a car is bound to happen for anyone. If you buy as per your plan you are happy else, you are sad. But the desire by itself is not the cause for your sadness. How did you approach towards accomplishing your desire, makes you accountable for the happiness/sorrow the desire caused. If you had put all your efforts towards buying the car and your mind is convinced of your efforts, you need not worry about it at all. Start finding the external factors which caused your desire to fail and try approaching/complaining that factor rather than blaming you. More than complaining, we will have to actually think of circumventing that factor the next time, when you aim to approach that desire again.

Keep life simple. Do your best and leave the rest on God. I bet it is simple. 'Life is a gift or a pain' should not be our debate. Keep it aside. What you want to do today to be happy is what that pays in a long run. Think like your whole life is just today, is a usual cliché to be happy in life. But that doesn't mean no planning is required for future :-)... Be cool and do your best.

Spend time with your family and friends, everyday. It’s very hard to get people who love your presence. A small mail or a minute of chat will not digress you out of your vision. A smile exchanged daily is worth millions of talk. See life as a piano [or any musical instrument] and think of how to bring beautiful melodies out of it. Remember, it’s the person who plays the piano brings in it a cacophony or euphony. Learn that art! As they say 'A lazy man always blames his tools', there is no point in blaming the piano [life], for what you played on it.

Blame yourself and make you accountable for the RIGHT mistakes only. Keep life as light as possible. Stop debating on 'life - a gift or pain'. If you still keep doing the debate, you will forget to live it.

Yours lively,

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