Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ThalaCauvery in Coorg - My Lingering Moments ...

I had been to many trips in the year 2006 around Karnataka. It had all been memorable experience for me. One place I keep thinking again and again is about my trip to Coorg. We went to Coorg in the month of Nov '06, the right season when one should be there!

Full of mist and fog, the place looked so serene and calm. For a person like me who likes to be within myself and leave my thoughts go around the world, it is really a heaven on earth. Quite a few places we saw in coorg but, the one that lingers in my memory is the ThalaCauvery.

I never thought it to be a great place until I saw it. I thought water will be gushing out from a mountain top and we will be seeing it at a distance, is what I imagined about this place. The moment I stepped near this wonderful place, I saw peace outside and within. Being winter, the day was very cold and not more than 10 people were there next to me. I somehow really felt that Mother Nature is caressing me with her gentle breeze.

I saw the origin of Cauvery River as some 'clear water' in a place that is just some 2 square-foot in area. Next to this place was a pool with lucid water where people took dip in! I never imagined the water to be so clear. I saw a priest doing his reverence to this water worshiping it as the God. I was not able to believe that this water which originates in this small place is going through different states and dams in South India.

I and friend were imagining to go to this place in midnight to see what happens there. Something supernatural might be observed at that time, is what I still believe in. I always had the feeling that any source of nature is where God resides. This being the source of a natural resource, I felt God should be there in this place. I somehow felt that I am standing next to God or lying directly in Her lap being in that place.

There were some 300 odd steps that I had to climb and see the top view of coorg. It is a view point which most people don't climb to see the beauty. We climbed to see this as well. I could see nothing but just the mist. It rained for 30 seconds as we climbed up the steps, which was nothing more than the melted mist most probably. Felt really refreshed. My mind can still feel cold and calm thinking of that place. Some snaps for you ...

Thala Cauvery - Coorg

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Vijaykumar said...

May be we can plan for one more trip to this place this year to rekindle the feelings. May be I can also enjoy the same feeling this time.

-Vijaykumar VK