Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Motherliness and Spirituality

There is a strong eternal binding that I see between Motherliness and Spirtuality. I believe a 'Mother' is respected like a God because of the sanctity observed in motherliness. Anywhere Sanctity is observed, its Godliness. Am I Right?

It is true that there is only one purest state of human that exist! That is a privileged stature observed only in a woman. It is her stature as a 'Mother'. A woman can go wrong in her traits but not a 'Mother'. A girl, a wife, a grandmother or any other stage a woman goes by, has some or the other flaw. Before marriage a woman selects a person whom she likes as her husband. There could be many criterias like looks, salary, profession et al. When she was a small girl she does only what she likes. Even as a grandmother a lot of expectations gets piled up in her. But as a mother no flaw happens.

Motherliness is an untainted form of a woman. No matter how bad, how mischievious, how mean, how rude the child is, mother's love on the child never changes. As a woman one can be faulty but as a mother the woman is impeccable. How many times we would have scolded our mother for silly/reasonable stuffs. Do you see any ego in her after you scold. She is the same. They even say that a man's love multiple for his wife, when his wife becomes a mother. But a woman's love starts to divide soon after she becomes a mother.

Now to the Godliness. I have heard and read that the very popular symbol of worship "The Shiva Linga" is a structure that demonstrates the hormonal balance of life. The "Linga" in sanskrit is the male genital and is placed on a pedestal kind of structure which is called Yoni [The female genital in sanskrit]. This doesn't mean anything obscene but shows the cause behind "Start of Life". I can also say that the place/state where life originates is what we worship as God. Dont you think a Woman bears this unique feature in her when she brings a life into this world?

Its sure Motherliness is Spirituality!


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