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The 'NEW' in ME - An Associative Thinking

What am I touching upon in this article? A way to upbring children, the concepts of innovation, the insights of a video that explains how "Om" helps us balance these enrgies [so a little insight spiritually as well]. More importantly I wanted to share an awesome introspection that I went through to realize that innovation is within us always. I also wanted to share. Basically linking all of these :-)

This is a little lengthy but I hope it is a good read. I was reading two different things this month; One on spirituality and One on Innovations. This blog is just a product of my associative thinking of two different nice things that I read last week. This is definitely not written with an intent to advocate/side the Hindu beliefs. But, I am sure every religion has some or the other on these lines to achieve the same goal.

Om [Aum] - A way of interpretation:

Om is considered to be a very mysitc word that has manifold explanations/interpretations. This is one of those. The 3 syllables of Om "Aa", "Uu", "Mm" signigfies Brahm"Aa", Vishn"uu", Siva"mm". It was nice for me to see how the syllables form the ending sound of the names of these Gods first of all. More interestingly, when you utter these syllables separately, you can see the vibrations in stomach when saying "Aa", at chest when uttering "Uu" and at head when you utter "Mm".
The "Aa" that denotes Brahmaa, and that which creates the vibration in stomach indicates our creational force. Isn't that true our energy is created in stomach, may it be the food that creates energy or the birth/life-force that gets created in the stomach. Similarly, the "Uu" that denotes Vishnu, and that which creates vibration in the chest indicates the protective force. True if you think og our heart/control-unit that is held protected by the rib cage in chest? Similarly, the "Mm" that denotes Shivam, which creates vibration at the head indicates the transformational force [not to call it a destructive force. One form of energy gets destructed to create another. So this is a transformational force]. Isn't that true where all thought process of our knowledge/wisdom gets born here [in our brain].

So what this means? When do we succeed or be completly unmatchable. When we are creative, sustain [protect] our creativity and get efficient at it by transforming the creativity manifolds so it reaches all and becomes prevalent to yield us popularity and success. Om [or Aum] is a balance of all of these in us and is within us for people who realize it?

Now, let's go to what "Innovation" gurus classify innovation as:

Growth Innovations takes an offering that was complex, expensive and used by only a very few and turns that into an offering that is affordable, simple, convenient and can be used by many.

Sustaining innovations occur in companies that exist, and their purpose is to develop better products that they can sell for better profits to their best customers. Helps sustain success amidst competitors.

Efficiency innovations typically entail creating a new business model, not new products or services, per se. But these business model innovations allow companies to deliver good products or services much more efficiently.

My Associational Thinking makes me feel these are one and the same. Call it spirituality of innovation "or" Innovation in Spirituality, it gives me the same thinking. The growth innovation that initiates an innovation [or a business model] is the Brahmaa, the Sustaining innovation that protects or maintains the business model's success is the Vishnuu and the Effiency Innovation that transforms/adapts the business model to the newest of new generaions and changing trends is the Shivamm.

Now, to the upbringing of children:

It is said everyone as a child, has some core strenghts by birth. Have you seen some kids being very creative in what they do? They have a high creativity ["Aa"] in them. Have you seen some kids are less disruptive? You give them something to play and tell them how to play, they just do that. They dont disturb the setup and are not naughty, which means they have a high protective energy ["Uu"] in them. And some kids are always disruptive, you give them something they are beyond creative and interpret the given thing manifold with their curiosity and transform them into many things. That's the sign of transformational energy ["Mm"].

This is exactly what we need to observe in them. This helps in upbringing, when you know what your child is good at. In this competitive world, we need the right balance of being creative, sustain success and then transform it into efficiency towards changing trends. Spiritualist say chanting "Om" help the energy flow from the stomach to the brain and creates a balanced energy in your nature through continuous chanting of the same. I am sure, every relegion has something to achieve the same.

I want to keep this article a little abstract, without a conclusion. This message is meant for interpretation by anyone who reads it and I want that observation and inference to come in you without biasing it with my conclusions.

Happy Innovation and Introspection!

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