Friday, April 8, 2011

All Life Equal ; Each Life Unique

Crispy yet Powerful! It meant a lot to me the moment I read it. I happened to read this somewhere and liked it so much to place this in my blog.

I would consider this a balanced saying that enforces on both individuality and concern for others. How often do we express the concern for others? Do we respect every being the way we would like to be respected? In this busy world the benevolence, respect and concern for others looks to be slowly fading away. It is also about respecting the feelings of others.

At the same time I also strongly believe that one cant please everybody in life and individuality is an important trait for every being to make him/her prominent in the society. Everybody is unique and that is what makes us visible amidst of million of beings around us. We should not compromise our individuality for others too.

When I mean not giving up on individuality, it is the individuality that is good for ourself and to others. We cant of course be holding a quality that is not good for us or others and say that is our individuality :-) So caring for others the same way you care for yourself gives the balance. Striking a balance between these two is the challenge.

Practice this in any relationship and see the difference it brings to the relationship.



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