Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to look at life? – Letter to the soul!

The question keeps troubling me quite often. In fact, it haunts me. Sometimes going by strict guidelines and containing our life within those borders puts us to boredom. But, the way I feel like looking at it today, is to fight it brave! Yes ... It is a big battle that is given to us and we need to put in a relentless effort to sustain here.

Don’t bother much! There are ways to handle whatever that troubles you. It is not that you need to fight against the trouble always. Nor, we need to trouble the trouble before it troubles you. We can't be so proactive in life at all times. Sometimes, getting rid of [bypassing] the trouble is better than facing it. See, if you can do better without addressing it. That could be a wise decision rather than spending years to fight against it.

Everybody will commit mistakes in life. It can be a small one or a big one. Could stop there or might create a chain of mistakes. But yeah, the fact is life is too long to live it fully right. Always have this in mind. A small 2-D 8x8 chess board has so many tricks in it to master and so many knots to unravel. Life has many dimensions and many puzzles to solve. Lets not look life complex thinking of this. The intent is to say, life is big enough to spend it fully right.

The thing we will have to have in mind is not the cause of the mistake. But it’s effect. If you are able to correct the bad effects of your mistake and see things peaceful and serene, don’t bother about that again. The history of the mistake should be forgotten there. The lesson has to be taken. That mistake was one game given to you in your life where you didn't play well but you were able to come out of that debacle and the story ends there. Don't connect it to anything else in your life that happens in future.

See the God in you! Be kind to people. Love mankind. Enjoy and imbibe the nature. Who ever may console you when you are depressed, it’s you who should be willing to come out of it. Don’t rely fully on external sources to be consoled. It is mostly within you! Get to speak with those whom you like to ignite the engine and then on run the engine by your internal motivation force.

Play life like a bravo! It’s all about patching up the gaps and downs to make life smooth and even. Every mistake is corrigible when realized and acted upon at the right time. If not corrigible, at least its effect becomes negligible when you act fast upon it.

You will be fine and will rock the way you want[ed] to! Life is too short to spend worrying! On a practical note I remember this saying: "It's not wrong in life to expect to walk on a path full of roses; But its greedy to expect not even one thorn should prick your feet"


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